Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Designer Women's Clothing - How To Put An Outfit Together

A women's body is the loveliest canvass. Only she can learn how to paint her moods using the clothes she chooses to adorn herself in. It's not about her size, looks or just the garment. It's the sensuality that the lady is willing to bring out and clothes assist to do it best. Rather than ordinary clothes, why not designer women's clothing?

Designer garments do more than just adorn, they set the mood. They are the catalyst to every women feeling their true nature - beautiful. As a woman it is important to step out of your ego and honestly know what makes you look sexy and self assured. Know your body, show off the part that makes you stunning and disguise what makes you look and feel awkward.

To show off legs miniskirts, form fitting jeans, and hot pants are very sexy and never out of fashion. To bring attention to your upper body you could try on, a backless top or deep neck tops and blouses. Tube tops or halters with a short jacket will also work well every time. If these items are chosen from a designer women's clothing range they are sure to be impressive.

Colours are important next to designs women's clothing. Bold attractive colours are chilli pepper red on black, or for a subtle classy look, pure whites are perfect. A vibey clubbing outfit that always makes a statement is a shimmering skirt or glossy leather miniskirt with matching top. Don't be shy to experiment with new looks and ensure that you have a few friends that will give you their honest opinion on whatever combinations you may be trying out.

Sexy designer lingerie will also help you bring out your sensuality when you are with your partner. Ensure you are feeling good under your clothes as well with designer underwear. These are the little things that count and go a long way. To round off the look you must select the correct footwear. Boots always have an element of sexy in them and there's quite a bit of choice. Anything from high heeled boots to, thigh high boots, or even knee high boots will work well depending on your taste. Simple stilettos or strappy sandals will also do well to frame an outfit.

When accessorising, remember the important rule - less is more. With all of this in place all that is left is a confident smile. There are many online stores accessible to browse and find your look and taste. Take advantage of these as they will allow you to do a lot more fact finding very quickly from the comfort of your couch as compared to visiting numerous stores fighting off overzealous sales personnel.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Fashion Tips For Women - What to Do If You Get a Run in Your Nylons

What would you do if you found a run in your tights, knee highs, or stockings? The easiest thing to do would be to buy a new pair. But, if you are low on cash, you can fix your tights up yourself. All you need is a little bit of clear nail polish and that should do the trick. Any brand of clear nail polish should do. You can purchase clear nail polish from drug stores like CVS and Rite Aid. You just run the clear nail polish along the line in your tights and the polish will glue the run in the tights back together.

Tights are an article of clothing a woman cannot live without. Knee highs and thigh highs are especially comfortable if you don't like the feeling of a huge elastic band around your waist. Wearing full length tights can be a bit bothersome and especially if you are wearing them throughout the day, and in the office, it can start to feel like it is cutting off your circulation. You can wear knee highs and thigh highs with long and short skirts and dresses. They can be found in the colors black, beige, brown, and just a clear material.

Some women have multiple pairs of tights so they don't run into the problem of having many runs and nothing to wear. You can usually buy a pack of knee highs or thigh highs for just a few dollars at many women's clothing shops. Stockings are thicker tights, and they are an article of women's clothing that can be worn in the winter time and colder parts of the year. Stockings can be found at many clothing shops like Marshalls, Ross, and JC Penny. You can also find tights at shoe shops.

If you are creative, you can wear tights in different patterns. You can find kids' tights with heart patterns, balloons, smiley faces, and flowers. Women's tights usually come in simple patterns like stripes and circles, and you can find argyle tights as well.

If you wear your nylons frequently, they may get runs in them so you may just have to replace them if you wear them on a daily basis. You can also sew your tights up with a needle and thread if you are the crafty type. If you have thread that is the same color as your tights, this could work. But, you don't want to sew up your tights if you only have red thread, for instance, and your tights are black. If you don't mind spending the time sewing and want to save a few bucks, this might be a good option for you.

Women wear tights on a daily basis so it is good to know how to take care of them if they are giving you trouble. You can either throw them out (which is the easiest option), fix them up with some clear nail polish, or sew them with a needle and thread. Good luck with those tights!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Sexy Women's Clothing: The Origins Of The Corset

When we think of sexy women's clothing the corset is one of the garments that immediately springs to mind. But what is it about them that has made them so enduringly sexy and popular through the ages?

Read on to see their history:

The corset is a garment that women have used to give them a svelte hourglass figure. They work by sucking in your waist and defining your figure more than it may already be, and get their strength due to an in-built structure of reinforcement.

If you already own one then congratulations, you've got a piece of history as old as Shakespeare as they've been around since the 16th Century.

At this time they were mainly used for pushing up and defining a woman's bust and keeping their tummy flat. I can't imagine they were very comfortable at all though as they were actually constructed from flat pieces of wood (called bones) wrapped in cloth!

This style stayed pretty much the same until the early 1800s when corsets became less strongly constructed. Despite this they were thought to be beneficial to one's posture, as well as giving shape to the body and woman's bust like before.

Because they weren't as rigid they actually weren't so good for improving posture as it turns out, because they actually lacked the support necessary to really help straighten posture. Call it teething troubles in the evolution of the corset, if you will.

At this time there was another type of corset that was starting to become fashionable, the high-waisted model. As you can guess by its name, this model created a waistline higher than your own natural waistline by pushing in the body just below the bust, so under your ribs.

This was fashionable at the time and to be able to visualize this waistline you should think of an Empire dress (which was also coming into fashion at this time) which also has a waistline in the same place.

By the time Queen Victoria was on the throne in the 19th Century the fashion had changed again and women were once again using corsets to define their natural waistline rather than create an artificial one.

In fact this Victorian style is the one that still remains today and its main strength is that it creates a gorgeous hourglass figure.

One fashion that has thankfully disappeared since Victorian times is the practice of 'tightlacing' which was eventually proven to damage the wearer's internal organs! This is when, as well as the structure of 'bones' in the body of the corset, a lattice-work of laces were also tightened to add extra definition and make women's waists as small as possible.

Articles and letters from upper-class ladies of the time refer, amusingly, to the lengths that their handmaidens would have to go to in order to get them into their corsets. If you imagine you can almost visualize a group of sweating handmaidens struggling to pull tight the laces of their chubby mistress's corset!

In the 20th Century, the Edwardian style came about which altered a woman's posture in order to make her waist look smaller by moving her hips back and bust forwards. Women's hips are naturally forward and so this type was hard to wear an uncomfortable and so didn't last long!

So we are left with the modern corset which is based loosely on the Victorian style. Rather than being made from wood, whale-bone and other less comfortable materials, they're commonly made now with silk, lace, satin and plastic or even metal boning.

Why do they endure? They're sexy, fun and give you an amazing hourglass figure, so what's not to like!?

Although not so common on the shelves of most stores, corsets can be found easily online and are relatively expensive!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Best Women's Clothing Options for Curvy Women

As part of our recent series on the best women's clothing for various body types, we thought we should probably devote an article to fashion tips for curvy women.

Whether you prefer tailored clothes or usually shop for women's casual clothing, the most important thing to remember about your curvy body is that you're beautiful and today's fashions can only accentuate this. Whether you're officially overweight or just a little heavier than you would like to be, you should never try to "hide" yourself within over-sized clothing and unflattering casual wear styles. There is well-fitting casual clothing on the market today and designers like Elan International have done their best to create a wide variety of plus size clothes for women.

A rule of thumb that you should never forget while you are out shopping for women's clothing is to avoid buying clothes that are either too big or too small. Curvy women tend to veer one way or the other when in fact buying casual wear that fits perfectly will better flatter your figure. So what SHOULD you wear? Here are a few ideas:

1. Flowing fashion tops are the top choice among curvy women today. Flowing casual tops call attention to your arms and shoulders and therefore leave your problem areas out of focal point. You will want to avoid fashion tops that are too form fitting or clingy because this will only accentuate the features you do not want brought to light. The bubble casual top by Elan International draws the eyes towards your pretty solders and creates a very feminine look with little effort required on your part.

2. Maxi dresses are fresh and modern as well as they are perfect for full figured women. Elan International has a wide variety of maxi dresses within their collection for plus size women and each of them are unique and made with bold colors and patterns. In regards to dresses for women, this is definitely the best choice for curvy women because it has the ability to hide problem areas while creating a slimming appearance at the same time. It's important to mention here that out of all the casual clothing pieces today, this is by far the most comfortable of them all!

3. Pants for women should not be excluded from this list. It may seem like a daunting task to find a pair of dress pants or otherwise that fit you perfectly but once you find them you will never leave them. The right pair of pants can flatter your existing features but just as mentioned above, clingy pants should be avoided. Elan International has created the rollover pant style that is perfect for a curvy figure. You can wear them as high or low as you want to and this is an advantage not all pants for women can offer you. Make sure the leg opening is not too wide but not too skinny either, a subtle flare or boot cut is the best choice for any pant leg to create a slimming effect.

Women's casual clothing designers such as Elan International are working to make your life easier by offering casual wear that looks great on any figure. Shopping can be fun for anyone; check out some online retailers today!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Clothing Designers For Women - Get a Designer With Women in Mind

Stores that sell women's clothes acquire them from different designers to have a variety and to increase the creativity. The clothing designers for women create collections for each season from which the store picks the designs representing the average woman and put them in their stores. Due to the various figures of women the dress designs are adjusted to alter for the figures and the sizes even though not all designers of women's clothes come in several sizes. They start from the standard size majority having size 10 as the largest. Different fabrics and themes motivate the designers' lines.

The fashion designer comes up with the idea and when developed and completed, the product must be something the consumer could wear comfortably. The clothing designers for women make collections depending on the season of the year where he or she then showcases it to the public to get reviews and the adjustments that could be made. The line has diverse ideas put into the fabrics, tailoring and advice from other experienced designers. Once in the store they are accessible to all the consumers depending on the agreement between the store and the designers.

All the fabrics used to make clothes require maintenance by washing. This should be done well to avoid incidences of shrinkage, bleaching of prints, creasing. Clothing designers for women ensure that each garment comes with a tag that indicates the dos and don'ts of cleaning the item. Love your clothes and ensure that all whites are separated from colored to avoid staining during washing, separate the dry cleaning materials from the wash and make sure the temperature of water is right and so is the method of washing.

The designers' works are based on different body types and age groups and this dictates the fabrics to be used in the collection. The age group above 40 goes for more subtle designs and heavier materials compared to the 20s who like silk and other light materials. The material of a garment determines its extent of wear and tear and, thus, its durability and also its comfort.

Different accessories in your wardrobe can make an outfit look better even with an often repeated outfit. Clothing designers for women give women tips on how to use one item to change a whole outfit and other fashion ideas to help keep up with recent trends like using a scarf to add character to your outfit. Designers insist on a good shoe in the selection of an outfit to boost confidence and be comfortable at the same time. Most designers have their own brands while others are hired by large textile companies or fashion houses to come up with designs the company can market to the consumer.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Stylish Plus Size Women's Clothing

At its core, fashion is about making the wearer look good. Men's fashion prides itself on a clean, streamlined silhouette, while women's fashion is much more creative, seeking to accentuate beautiful curves while hiding flaws behind beautifully-designed necklines, sleeves, hems, and waists. These rules apply whether you are as slender as a runway model or plus-sized, and everything in between.

Plus-sized women do have to be a little more creative and try harder to accentuate their favorite features while smartly hiding others. One huge mistake that many plus-sized women make is wearing large, baggy clothing on both top and bottom (in example, a floor-length sack skirt with a large, shapeless tunic top). While this may seem like a good way to hide your body, it does the opposite! If anything, wearing such an ensemble only draws eyes to you, and not in the most positive light.

On the other hand, it also isn't smart to wear skin-tight clothing on both top and bottom. Not only is such a look unattractive and, in work situations, unprofessional, but it is also not comfortable for you, the wearer. Unfortunately, both of these wardrobe mistakes are commonly practiced by plus-sized women nationwide.

Instead, what you should seek is proportion and balance. In other words-wear an attractive, loose yet tasteful article of clothing on either the top or bottom half of your body, and a flattering, tighter article on the other half. Some easy and favorite ways to wear this combo are as such: leggings with either heels or flats on your bottom half, and a belted, short silk caftan on top, or perhaps a slimming, suitably snug bracelet-length sleeve top with an A-line skirt that ends just past your knees, with high heels. Another classic combo is the pairing of a timeless pencil skirt with a collared oxford top, tucked in, and either high heeled boots or stilettos. Dresses are another easy, effortless look-look for sharply tailored pieces, or informal wrap dresses. Instantly slimming, a good dress is a must-have for every woman, from petite to plus size! All these looks are modern yet timeless, and easy to wear in office settings, on dates, or during weekend outings.

Lastly, accessories are ever so important for the plus-sized woman. Shoes are very easy to anyone and everyone to shop for, so shop them often and wear them proudly. Bags, jewelry, scarves, gloves and other items are also without size boundaries and an important part of your wardrobe.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Latest Trends in Women's Clothing

People can do anything to look beautiful whether it is beautiful jewelry, beautiful clothes or beautiful accessories. When it comes to women, it is a fact that women always want to look elegant and they always wear elegant clothing, no matter how much it costs and what is its quality. People are becoming fashion conscious and they have complete knowledge of latest ongoing trends. Even guys and gals who just completed their graduation are very style conscious and always want to look unique. For this, most people opt for designer wear and especially women are mad after designer clothes. They just need only three things in life - a house, money and designer clothes.

To complete the desires of women, there are several online or offline stores available from where one can purchase their favorite designer clothes. Celebrities are quite responsible for the origination of designer clothes. Designer clothes come quite expensive, but there are numerous stores where one can purchase designer clothes at very affordable prices. However, there are several retail outlets available where women can find their favorite stores but it is a fact that gone are the days of retail outlets to shop women's apparels and clothing. Of course, one can purchase from retail outlets but what about variety and price range? Women love to shop by spending lot of time so that they can finalize on the perfect outfit. If you are also a woman like this, there is no other option better than online stores.

There are numerous online stores available which are especially for women clothing and apparels but one should read the reviews and credentials of website before finalizing. The women can find huge range of clothes and other apparels at very affordable prices. This option is really liked by women as there is no need to go outside the house. Women can browse from different sections and they can spend as much time as they want. There is no need to hurry, just view all samples comfortably and then finalize. In this way, surely a woman can find a perfect piece of cloth which she can never forget in life.

It is true that most women spend huge amount of money on wardrobe but with the help of these online stores there is no need to visit wardrobes as the complete wardrobe is in the house in the form of online store. One can select from different styles and designs depending upon the choice and interest. Internet stores have huge amount of clothing stocks and these stores are really a great source of shopping for the women. Women can find almost all types of accessories and clothes there.

The main advantage of online stores is that if anyone finds any fault or oversize dress they can send it back to the store and they will replace it immediately but always make sure that one should not remove the tags from the clothes. So, one can consider the above points and just go with online stores and enjoy the unique shopping experience with women clothing.