Monday, April 9, 2012

Women's Clothing Holiday Wish List

At this time of year, the list of parties and invitations can go on forever. Because of this, women find themselves thinking about how old their wardrobe is and how they wish they had something new and up to date to wear to their upcoming parties. This is where you come in! Buying chic clothing and fashion clothes for the women in your life may be the best present you can give them this year. Let us go through what we believe is a woman's clothing holiday wish list to help you this holiday season get something your loved one will absolutely love!

First and foremost is the ever popular cocktail dress. These dresses come in a large variety of styles, fabrics and colors and are the staple of New Year's Eve and holiday parties. You can never have too many cocktail dresses, because who wants to wear the same one two years in a row? The best way to go when buying a cocktail dress for someone else is to opt for either black or red and choose either halter or strapless. These styles are timeless and can accommodate any body type. This is an extremely personal gift and one that will be appreciated greatly.

Next on the holiday wish list are pencil dress pants. Dress pants may seem like a boring gift for someone but the fact is the pencil style is what makes these traditional pants chic and glamorous. You don't have to be tall to wear pencil pants and they go with any type of heels you may have. It is easy to buy this type of pants for someone because the length is pretty standard so you don't have to worry about that and they sit low on the waist which makes choosing a size even easier than in the past!

The classic cardigan is a great gift idea for the loved one on your list. Every woman should own at least one cardigan because they are so neutral. Colors you may want to consider include browns, greens, beige tones, and bold colors and patterns such as stripes as well. These cardigans are incredibly affordable and can be found nearly anywhere today. The longer the length better if you're looking to keep up with today's trends. Otherwise a regular length is perfect for someone who isn't interested in following the women's clothing fashion to a tee.

Fashion scarves can be a great accessory thrown into a stocking as a great extra or something to go with a corresponding gift. Women love scarves and the pattern and color can be literally anything you choose! It is unlikely you will choose a color they have nothing to match so have fun with this gift idea and use your imagination. This is the fun part of fashion that can be different and unique without being hideous.

This year, surprise her by giving her chic clothes and/or casual wear that are hot this season.

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